International Migration special issue
on food security, migration nexus

August 19, 2017 | By More

Jonathan Crush and Mary Caesar of AFSUN, the Hungry Cities Partnership and the Balsillie School of International Affairs are the Guest Editors of a new special issue of the leading migration research and policy journal, International Migration. In their introduction, they argue that the current global debate on migration and development ignores the issue of food security. They suggest that food security needs to be mainstreamed into the international migration policy agenda through consideration of food insecurity as a driver of migration; the relationship between mobility and food security; the importance of food remitting; and the food security status of migrant populations. The Special Issue contains papers on migration and food security in Ghana; the food security of migrant farmworkers in Canada; the impact of migration to the US on the food security of migrants and migrant-sending households in Central America and Mexico; and the food security of refugees in Cape Town, South Africa. HCP researcher, Elizabeth Thomas Hope, contributed a paper on food security in the Caribbean and Jonathan Crush and Godfrey Tawodzera a paper on the food insecurity of Zimbabwean migrants in South African cities.

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